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COLUMBIA - Fight for the First documentary was shown at the Missouri theatre for donors and students Friday. The film shows obstacles Missourian students face when reporting.

Director of the documentary Sharon Liese said the film is about the freedom of the press.

"We look at the difference between protestors using social media to control their message and paid political officials using social media to circumvent the media and those are two very different things," Liese said.

Liese said the documentary is focused on how young student journalists are approaching their careers as journalists in the Trump era.

"It became apparent over the past two years, it’s become unprecedented how much the media has been attacked in the past several months," Liese said.

Liese said as she was filming the story became more relevant and more important to tell.

Documentary journalism student, Olivia Jacobson said as soon as she heard about the film it interest her.

"I think the protest was a really interesting time to be a journalism student at the university of Missouri," Jacobson said. "I think it raised a lot of good questions about how first amendment rights should be covered and it was a really good time to be learning from those experiences as a student. So I’ll be interested to see how they approach it and how they cover what the media coverage was like."

Missourian editor Dylan Jackson was a political reporter and he was in the documentary.

"Before I was an editor I was a political reporter in Jefferson City at the Capitol and we were having trouble getting ahold of the governor and general access problems as we’re going along reporting," Jackson said.

Jackson said there are a lot of antagonistic forces coming against reporters.

"The biggest thing is just humanizing reporters," Jackson said, "There’s a pull and push against the press. A lot of people don't see reporters as just people trying to do their job. Who care about civic like, America, who are trying to inform people through their jobs."

"It’s also very helpful and inspiring because you see these young journalists especially at University of Missouri are not going to back down and that they are really interesting in telling the truth," Liese said.

The film will premiere in Washington D.C. next month at the Meet the Press AFI inaugural film festival.