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FULTON - The Fulton Police Department said Thursday it has returned Clifton Ivory's two pit bull puppies after they were taken during a drug raid May 3. 

The Fulton Police Department and Mustang Drug Task Force entered Ivory's home to excecute a search warrant for narcotics.  The police immediately handcuffed all of the residents when they entered.  Shortly after, one of Ivory's three pet pit bulls entered into the living room.  One resident was released to chain the dog up in the backyard.  

The chained pit bull escaped the chain and was shot and kiled by officers. Ivory's other two pit bulls were outside in cages during the gunfire and one escaped from its cage. 

Neighbor Mike Dunivant woke up and came outside when he heard gun shots. He said he came outside and saw one of Ivory's pit bulls dead and officers approaching the one escaped pit bull and the other in the cage with shot guns.  Dunivant yelled at the officers, "Are you really going to shoot those puppies while I'm watching?" Dunivant said the officers pulled back and told him he had to go inside his house or he would be arrested. Dunivant said he was worried the officers were going to shoot the puppies. 

"It really looked like it.  I had no doubt in my mind. When he pulled that shotgun up to the first puppy I thought he was going to shoot it. Then when he went to the second puppy and started macing. I really thought he was going to shoot the puppies." Dunivant said. 

The officers took Ivory's two pit bulls after the raid was over. Dunivant's girlfriend, Cynthia Snook, told KOMU 8 News the dogs were going to be euthanized due to a city ordinance, but the ordinance only applies if a dog attacks a person.