Dog beaten to death

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MORGAN COUNTY- A Morgan County woman is facing an animal abuse charge, after authorities say she killed her ex-boyfriend's dog.

Hannah Jones claimed she beat and eventually shot the dog, named Nikki, because she had no food for her or her puppies. Jones said killing the dog would save it from suffering from starvation.

Jones said she tried to get food for Nikki by creating a Facebook post, but no one responded.

KOMU 8 spoke to two animal shelters. Both said they were very saddened because both are capable of providing food to any pet owner for free. 

Dogwood Animal Shelter's director, Dona Morris, said Dogwood is a no-kill shelter. She said if they were called with a situation like Jones', they would have been able to help her find a safe home for Nikki and her puppies if the shelter itself did not have room.

"Certainly, if we knew a dog was in peril, and a lot of times we do, or a cat, and we have any room or we can find anybody to foster, or whatever, we will get that animal out of harm's way," she said. 

Blue Moon Sanctuary is another option for locals who need services for their dog. 

Vice President Marge Elrond said if they were approached this situation, they would have been able to bring food to Jones if it was that serious of an issue. 

She said their mission has expanded to help low-income and elderly pet owners with their animal bills.

"That bill is for spay and neuter, for medical issues, and we've even bought food for the dogs and cats when their owners have needed assistance," Elrond said.