Dog dock-jumping starts Wednesday night at Boone County Fair

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BOONE COUNTY - Dogs of all shapes and sizes gathered at the Boone County Fair Wednesday night to show off their distance jumps.

Dogs competed in a big air event, which measures how far the dog jumps.

Judges decided the distance by looking at where the dogs' tail meets its' body. The total distance is measured from the end of the dock to wherever the dogs' tail hits the water. Judges said that way of measuring distance allows for fair competition among all size dogs. 

Many of the trainers said they have a true passion for the sport.

"A lot of the competitors, we don't have a lot in common," dog trainer Pam Wallace said. "We all work different jobs and come from all over, but by the end of the Dockdogs Competition, the one thing we do have in common is that we all smell like a wet dog."

Dogs compete Wednesday through Saturday, but many of the trainers said Friday is the most exciting day to go. Fridays' event is the extreme vertical jump. 

Trainers brought their dogs from all over Missouri and neighboring states to compete.