Dog Put Down

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JEFFERSON CITY - Residents Thursday questioned the death of a fixture of the east Jefferson City community--a dog named Jack. The dog was brought to Jefferson City Animal Shelter after his owner was arrested on Monday. Jefferson City Police Captain Bob Cynova said the  shelter held the dog for three days, during which the staff veterinarian observed Jack's mental and physical health. During that time, at least one person called, wishing to adopt the dog. But Cynova said the veterinarian called the dog "not suitable" for adoption and the animal was destroyed.

"The dog was very aggressive toward non-whites. He was trained to be that way. He was very obviously a one-person dog. He had chronic illnesses that had not been treated," said Cynova.

Jefferson City resident Jack Deeken remembers a different dog. Deeken said he observed the dog numerous times outside of local shops and black children were constantly petting the dog and playing with him. Deeken said one time he gave the owner and his dog a ride home - the dog was in the backseat with his children and showed no signs of aggression.

Deeken said when he heard that Jack was being held at the shelter, he called and said he would pay to board to dog at the shelter or adopt the dog. He said he made it clear that he would provide any resources necessary to ensure that the dog was not euthanized. Deeken said shelter officials were curt with him on the phone and took his information. He said they did not call him before destroying the dog.

Contacted Thursday by KOMU 8 News, shelter supervisor Karen Jennings refused to release records about the dog's health. And despite Deeken's claim of an effort to adopt the dog, Jennings said that they received "absolutely zero" phone calls from residents requesting to adopt the dog.

"We did receive some calls asking if Jack was at the shelter. No one offered to adopt him and he really wasn't adoptable," said Cynova.