dog shot and killed, owner wants answers

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COLUMBIA – A Columbia woman is demanding answers after her dog was shot and killed while at a two-week training session in Topeka, Kan.

JoAnna Chandler dropped her dog Kodak, a nine-month-old Spanish Mastiff, off at a man’s house in North Topeka for dog show training.

Chandler said the family had plans to have him compete at United Kennel Club shows coming up in the area.

One week into the session, she received a text from her breeder saying “something bad had happened,” Chandler said.

“We thought maybe he had been hit by a car or possibly ran away or maybe someone had taken him. We never expected that he would have been basically murdered,” Chandler said.

Late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, a neighbor heard her dogs barking loudly in the backyard. Shortly after that, the neighbor’s husband heard what sounded like two gunshots and a car driving off, according to Chandler.

Kodak was shot in the head and neck. Many other dogs at the home were sprayed with mace.

After receiving autopsy reports on Thursday, she said Kodak was in “defense mode” because of where he was shot. Chandler said the dog was very protective at home so, “We do believe he was doing what he was supposed to be doing and protecting the other dogs.” 

Chandler’s brother had a dog in the same pen as Kodak in the trainer’s backyard. He said he believes Kodak saved his dog's life.

“It has really just left an empty space in our household,” Chandler said. “It’s almost like losing a human out of your family.”

The bullets were not still in the dog’s body at the time of the autopsy, so Chandler hopes police will go back to the home to try and find those for evidence.

Chandler said she believes it was an attempted robbery, since the person who shot Kodak was on the property when it happened. She said the breeder had small puppies they could have wanted. 

Chandler said she fears when an animal is killed, the case may lose priority when compared to other important cases for the police department. So far, the Topeka Police Department has cooperated, but Chandler said she is ready to push them for answers if need be. 

The breeder asked to remain anonymous due to the ongoing investigation, but Chandler said their relationship is very close and he is not responsible for what happened.

Chandler has a Facebook post about what happened that has been liked and shared over 1,000 times. The family is offering a $1,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest.