Dog wash fundraiser

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COLUMBIA - One Columbia pet store is hosting a dog wash to raise money for an animal rescue shelter and bring awareness to other organizations Saturday morning. 

Lizzi & Rocco's Natural Pet Market is hosting a dog wash fundraiser for Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue, an organization that rescues, rehabilitates and provides homes for dogs. People can pay $10 to have their dogs washed at the Lizzi and Rocco's Natural Pet Market off of I-70 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

Melody Whitworth, the director of Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue, said the organization relies solely on volunteers to rescue and care for the dogs. 

"The majority of our money goes toward our vet bills, but then a lot of it goes to monthly medications, treating heart worms, food," Whitworth said. 

Lindsay Testerman is the general manager for Lizzi & Rocco's Natural Pet Market and said one goal of the fundraiser is to bring awareness to the other rescue organizations in town such as Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue. 

"There are a ton of dog and cat rescues all over Columbia. Most people think of the humane society or second chance. But we have several smaller ones that do some amazing work and all of it is run by fosters and everything is 100 percent donation based," Testerman said. 

"It's a constant. We never stop fundraising because the money goes very quickly," Whitworth said. "As soon as we have funds in our account, they are depleted very quickly. The money goes really fast."

Testerman said the constant exposure to different rescue organizations helps bring in new volunteers. In return, these volunteers can help keep the rescue organizations up and running. 

"So there’s people that are doing the dog wash tomorrow that might not have the ability to foster or don’t have the ability to do hands on rescue with the organizations, but they do a lot of work for events and helping fundraise and just get the word out," Testerman said.