Dogs celebrate end of summer with Pooch Plunge

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COLUMBIA- More than 100 people showed up to Albert-Oakland Family Aquatic Center Tuesday to say goodbye to summer at the Pooch Plunge.

"If you're a dog lover, you know, nothing like bringing your dog out and seeing all the other dogs," dog owner Brett Jones said. "I heard there's like 200 dogs here, so this is fun to see. It's fun to see them interact with each other."

More than 120 dogs were registered for the plunge, and they came in all shapes and sizes.

"This is really cool. Like, you experience all the different types of dogs there are and not just yours. It's really high, like, intensity. There's a lot going on," said dog owner Emma Kauffman.

The event allowed dogs to swim around in a pool before summer is gone, and cooler temperatures arrive.

"Yesterday was our last day for public swim out here, so today is kind of like that very last day of the summer, if you will, and that's when all the dogs get to come out," said recreations specialist SJ Idel. "It's not really for the humans at this point, and it's just that last day of the summer for us. At the end of today, it's shutdown day for us."

While the dogs must be accompanied by their owner, only the dogs could get in the pool, and they had to be friendly dogs. 

In order to participate, dog owners had to preregister and pay $4 per dog.

The average temperature in Columbia was 83 in June, 84 in July and 88 in August. The average forecast temperatures in the coming fall months are 70s in September and 60s in October.