Dogs Dived for Donations at "Mid-MO Splashdown"

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COOPER COUNTY - Dogs from all over the country dived for donations this weekend at the nonprofit rescue Second Chance.

The organization hosted more than 50 dogs and their handlers for Big Muddy Dockdogs' "Mid-MO Splashdown." Dogs of all sizes made a splash.

Becky Berger, interim president of Big Muddy Dockdogs, said people came from all over to participate.

"We had one group from Florida, somebody from Wisconsin, a lot from Kansas City, St. Louis, Iowa, right here in Boonville, Missouri," Berger said. 

Dog handler Sue Barnes came from Des Moines for this weekend's splashdown. She said she does it for fun.

"There's nothing that's greater joy than having fun with our best friends that have four legs," Barnes said. 

Barnes' dog Tanner is in the DockDogs Hall of Fame.

"Nothing's neater than when somebody comes up to you and says 'Hey, I've seen your dog before,'" Barnes said.

Her favorite part is not winning ribbons, but smiles. "Watching my dog be so excited and have so much fun and watch people smile about it."

Barnes said the weekend was a success. "It was a lot of fun," she said, "that's the number one thing."

The event raised more than $5,000 to help Second Chance with its rescue efforts.