Dogs get luxury digs when boarding

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COLUMBIA- Local dog boarding facilities are amping up their luxury of care for your pet.

Several big city boarding trends like "relaxation rubs" and luxurious suites for dogs can now by be found in mid-Missouri.

KOMU 8 News found Creekside Pet Center, South Paw Acres and The Pet Fair all provide unique stress relievers for man's best friend.

Creekside Pet Center provides a dog daycare where the dogs play in spacious indoor and outdoor areas or they can stay overnight in private suites with TV's and webcams.
"We try to keep it just like home, we fed one dog ice cream and mac and cheese because that's what the owner said the dog liked," owner Jacob Brummet said.

At South Paw Acres, owner Faye Nowell said she finds that big city dog kennels are missing out on the thing that dogs love the most, a park.

"Most big city doggie day care centers have concrete for the dogs to play on, whereas here, we have a natural body of water for the dogs to swim in and run around," Nowell said.

The Pet Fair offers relaxation rubs for dogs so that they can be pampered, just like their human companions.

"Most people these days treat their pets like family. So since we pamper ourselves, I think pet owners want to pamper their pets the same way, " groomer Jaimie Ahlers said.

But these amenities do add up in price. The American Pet Products Association stated that pet owners spent more than $5.41 billion in 2015 on pet boarding and grooming. This means on average, each dog owner spends more than $416 a year on this service. That number is also expected to rise in the coming years.

Dog owner Nicholas Hughes said he believes the extra costs are worth it, knowing his dog is getting affection it may be missing while he is out of town.

However, other dog owners, like Tanner Johnson, find the extra amenities are not worth the money.

"I feel like people who pay for expensive things like that, only do it because they feel bad for never giving it attention at home. If I'm going out of town, my friend will watch over her. That's way more familiar to my dog than some stranger trying to massage her, " Johnson said.