Dogs show off their Olympics talent and raise money

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COLUMBIA - Dogs in the mid-Missouri area showed off their skills in their very own Olympic Games Saturday.

 Jessica Schlosser, owner of Lizzi and Rocco's put together a Dog Olympics to help raise money for a local rescue group. The group has great success when they put this same event together back in 2012 during those Olympic games.

"We do it as a fund raiser for Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue, just a really fun way to be current with some events happening in the world but also to bring people out to just have a good time with their dogs to raise money for a good cause," Schlosser said.

There were six competitive Olympic events. One is the tower of will power where the owners and and the dogs have to work together. The dog has to be in a sit stay and the owner has to build the tallest tower of treats without their dog trying to eat the tower. There is also the catch rely where the judges would see which dogs could catch the most amount of balls consecutively. Another event was the licker tolerance, seeing which dog can lick their owners face the longest. Those are just a few of the events the dogs went through. 

The winners of the events received bronze, silver and gold metals. 

Dog owner, Malaika Motavalli said she brought her dog Kysher to get her exposed to other dogs and to help a great cause.