Dollar stores

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COLUMBIA - While other retail giants are scrambling to survive... The dollar stores are thriving. Why? Because we like to shop there. We like to get a bargain and we like to brag about it afterward. That's changing the shopping landscape. This Stretching Your Dollar digs in... at the dollar store.

Grocery bags fill up pretty quickly at dollar store, and shoppers don't seem to hesitiate about the deals. So today, young and old gather at the growing number of dollar stores. That hasn't always been the case. In the past, bargain stores were thought of as kind-of low class. Not anymore.

George Belch of San Diego State University said "everybody wants a deal. i think we tend to have this idea that the only people who are going to shop in these stores are lower income people or people who absolutely need a bargain. that's just not true."

So now a lot of shopping centers and malls are welcoming the dollar stores, which pay the rent.  The dollar stores bring in a steady stream of shoppers, even if they are looking for a deal.

Bargain stores are definitely growing. One report shows there are now more dollar stores in the United States than drugstore chains. In fact, the newest addition to the Columbia dollar store scene just opened in the shopping center at the corner of Broadway and Stadium.