Domestic Abuse Shelter Expands

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MOBERLY - After nearly shutting its doors just two years ago, Safe Passage, Moberly's domestic violence shelter, held a ground breaking ceremony Thursday morning to celebrate expansion.

In 2009, federal and state funding for the shelter had been cut. Grants, which the center must research and find on its own for survival, fell through. The general revenue fund was so low, Safe Passage could barely afford day-to-day operations. 

Two years later, Safe Passage's doors are not only open, but the shelter is undergoing major renovations thanks to the launch of a separate capital campaign. To date, the campaign has raised $46,549, along with valuable donations of supplies and services, like a new wheelchair ramp. Other projects completed with the funds include fixing the sewer, cleaning up from sewer backup, a new foundation and drainage system.

The ultimate goal of the capital campaign is $100,000. The to-do list includes a new air conditioning and heating system, a new roof, wiring and plumbing repairs, a safety fence and new security system, flooring, siding and aesthetic updates.

On average, Safe Passage provides services to 400 residents and nonresidents a year. In 2010, the shelter had 4,383 bed nights, and 2011 is on pace to eclipse that amount by 25 percent. When renovations are complete, the shelter will be able to increase the number of people living in the house by 40 percent. That's a necessity, as the shelter calls domestic violence a growing problem.

To volunteer supplies, time or money call Safe Passage at 660-269-8999 or visit