Douglass Park Forum to Tackle Future Plans

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COLUMBIA - There will be a Douglass Park forum Wednesday at 6 pm in Douglass High School's cafeteria. Columbia Parks and Rec says the purpose is to, "provide a venue for developing a strategic action plan for future park management and potential park improvements."

Despite the spike in crime at the park, this meeting has actually been planned for months - even before recent shootings.

"It's going to take the involvement of everyone - everyone that has any type of vested interest in the park, working together. I really think we're going to have to, if you want to say, attack the problems on kind of three or four different fronts. I don't think there's any one magic answer," Columbia Parks and Rec Director Mike Hood said. 

The meeting agenda is as follows:

I. Welcome and Introductions (Light Refreshments) - Parks and Recreation Staff
II. Park Updates and Information - City Staff
    Security and Enforcement
    Recreation Programming
    Facility Improvements
III. Small Group Discussion - Meeting Attendees
IV. Whole Group Conversation and Sharing of Ideas - Parks and Recreation Staff
V. Closing Statements and Next Steps - Parks and Recreation Staff