Douglass Park Little League

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COLUMBIA -- While enrollment for other Little Leagues seems to thrive, Douglass Athletic Association isn't experiencing the same results. Compared to other leagues, their numbers are next to nothing.

Sam Brady, Douglass Baseball Coordinator knows the difficulty of signing kids up in the program.

"When I'm out canvasing the area trying to get parents to sign up for their kids and they tell me no Sam, I don't want my kid involved in your program because of the danger of the area, you know I understand," Brady said.

Over the last month, three separate shootings surrounded Douglass Park, which is something Cameron Cross, a parks and rec supervisor, attributes to the low enrollment.

"Part of that is certain things going on around the park in the last couple months, so it seems like the little league is on the verge of dying off," Cross said.

But Cross says the leagues in Douglass Park are as safe as any other league.

"We've never had an issue in the park in any of our programs, it just doesn't happen. And that's between our baseball program, our basketball league we do down there, we've never had an issue. It just doesn't happen," Cross said.

Contrary to most, Tonia Turner, a parent living in the surrounding area for three years, agrees with Cross, expressing that neither she nor her kid have ever felt that they have been in danger while in the program.

"We attend other activities other activities in the park that the city has and we have never had any problems,so I feel safe, my child feels safe going and playing baseball." Turner said.

Brady is confident the association can still create a league where kids can call home.