Douglass Parking Lot Reopens

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COLUMBIA- The parking lot of Douglass Park reopened Thursday morning after being closed on a trial basis due to the amount of crime occurring at the park.

Parks and Recreation Director Mike Hood said that criminal activities included alcohol, drugs and panhandling.  Hood decided to close the parking lot gates in early December after a suggestion from a local resident. 

Due to the park's proximity to two schools, the parking lot gates were locked while school was in session.

After concerns raised at Wednesday night's community forum, it was decided that closing the parking lot gates of Douglass Park had essentially closed the park to law-abiding citizens.

"They say this park is bad news, but it's not."  a women who asked to be called D.J. said.

Community members were happy to have the parking lot more accessible during the winter months and look forward to the spring and summer activities held at the park.