Downtown Columbia Businesses Petition Summer Event

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COLUMBIA - Numerous businesses located in downtown Columbia wrote a petition to the Columbia City Council Thursday asking that changes be made to the Summerfest schedule to avoid negative business impacts.

Twenty one downtown businesses, most located on Ninth Street, all participated in a petition written and sent to the council on June 16. They are requesting that the council only approves Summerfest events that happen on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, and that the council not allow any events after fall semester begins at the University of Missouri.

The businesses cite negative impacts on their sales and profits when Summerfest events are held as well as extra competition that businesses are not accustomed to. They include in the letter that they "feel it's important to foster a vibrant downtown" but also do not want their business hampered by these events.

On Monday evening the council ruled it would table the issue until a later meeting, giving the businesses time to prepare data and business reports that will support their claims about Summerfest's negative business impact.