Downtown Columbia Crime Stats Indicate Weapons Crimes are Rare

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COLUMBIA - Eight bullets pierced the air at the intersection of Tenth and Broadway Saturday, leaving the community stunned and on edge.

"It's amazing how different things happened compared to what I assumed happened," witness Britney Moody said. "I thought I was hearing fireworks. I didn't realize I was hearing gunshots at first."

Three people were shot in that incident, and footage of the shooting and chaos afterwards quickly circulated the web.

Questions arose: Who was the shooter? Was there more than one? What was the motive? And would this happen again?

According to a Columbia Police Department regional analysis map, which marks every spot where a crime has taken place, this shooting was the first in that part of downtown Columbia in 2013. The last shooting around that intersection occurred on July 4, 2012.

In fact, crimes with weapons are rare in that area, having only occurred one time in the past year. However, assaults, disorderly conduct and alcohol violation reports cover the map of that intersection.In just six months, 20 instances of disorderly conduct have occurred, 27 people violated liquor laws and 32 assaults have been reported.

Kelsey Mantel, Moody's roommate, who was nearby during the shooting, said she has been going out downtown for two years now, and was shocked by the shooting. 

"I've never seen that happen," Mantel said. "That's why I called it the craziest weekend in Columbia."

The Columbia Police Department's website listed ways to stay safe in Columbia, including staying in well-lit areas and never traveling alone. 

"My friends and I are just always together and making sure nobody's ever alone," Moody said. "We just make sure when we walk from place to place that we're not on sketchy roads or anything like that."

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