Downtown Columbia may see additional disabled parking spaces

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COLUMBIA -The Columbia City Council has decided Tuesday to add additional disabled parking spaces downtown that will be metered.

Councilman Michael Trapp said the hope is to create more disabled parking spaces, as he said there aren't enough spaces downtown Columbia.

"The Disabilities Commission made the recommendation that we instate parking meters at handicapped parking spaces so that spaces will turn over more and there will be open spaces where people need them," said Trapp.

"The reason that we have parking meters is so that people don't park their cars and leave them all day but that they use them, get their business done and open that space up for another person," Trapp said.

Executive Director of Boone County Family Resources Robyn Kaufman said as far as the people in the disabled community she's talked to, they are happy with the idea of more parking spaces for them.

"I know at least some of the friends of mine that have disabilities, they aren't necessarily looking to have parking at a different rate than any other citizen or any other person who wants to travel downtown, they just want to have availability for a place for them to park," said Kaufman.

In the past, these disabled parking spaces were metered but removed due to difficulty experienced by the drivers. With the modern meters, the city council agreed that this would not be a problem.

It was a unanimous vote from the city council. 


*Editor's Note: Updates made prior to decision from the city council.