Downtown construction causing difficulty for workers

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COLUMBIA - As construction continues in the downtown area, workers are finding it difficult to be around.

"It's making downtown a little more congested, which is making the overall scene a little more stressful," said Pajmon Porshahidy, who works at Pizza Tree.

Porshahidy said the construction hasn't affected business for the restaurant, but getting there has become more difficult.

"Getting to work can be kind of a struggle sometimes and, not knowing what construction is happening when, can affect where I'm going on a daily basis." 

Elm, Locust and south Ninth streets are among the roads blocked off due to construction, causing some businesses to look like they are closed.

Anthony Willroth, an assistant manager at Rock Bottom Comics, said construction is causing disruption near the store.

"There's construction noise at times," he said. "Customers can struggle to find parking spots." 

Despite this, Willroth said he sees benefits to it.

"I wouldn't want to say it's necessarily completely a bad thing though," he said. "At the same time, it is bringing more potential customers downtown in the long run." 

South Ninth Street is scheduled to reopen on June 30 while Elm Street should reopen July 7.