Downtown employees may get reduced bus fare

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Public Works will present an amendment to the city code at the Columbia City Council meeting Monday night that would offer a reduced bus pass for employees who work downtown. 

A monthly bus pass, which is normally $55, would be $25 for employees that work in downtown Columbia. 

Employees would have to present a pay stub that proves they work in a downtown location, or a similar document. 

Downtown businesses include all stores and restaurants in the Central Business District

The amendment is designed to work in conjunction with the pilot permit parking project, which allows all downtown employees to have a reduced parking fee at 10 hour meters. 

Both of the discount programs are meant to help improve the parking situation in downtown Columbia, according to the public works department. 

Violet Kroll, who works at Fretboard Coffee downtown and uses the bus system to get to work sometimes, said she would use a bus pass if it costs less.

"I share a car with my mom so a lot of time I need to rely on the bus to get to work," she said.

Monday night's city council meeting will feature initial discussions. No vote will be made about whether or not to approve the amendment until a future meeting.