Downtown Moberly gets new NEXT program

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MOBERLY - Downtown Moberly will soon welcome a new group of community leaders. Grow Mid Missouri, an extension of the Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation, announced the launch of a new group called NEXT. 

NEXT will target young adults and community members who are hoping to get a start in business in the Moberly area. 

Grow Mid Missouri started the program to inspire a new group of community leaders with networking and also to promote civic involvement. 

The group plans to start recruitment by hosting events at local bars and businesses to draw in prospective members. 

Grow Mid Missouri Business Development Specialist Michael Bugalski said a new revitalization of downtown Moberly is also a part of the plan.

"Well of course the goal is to always bring more businesses and business owners downtown, so we hope to see some of that as well." 

Bugalski also said this is something current business owners have thought about for a while now. 

"Some people may not know this is something we have been working on, and this group is sort of a part of that. Of course we want to keep our old businesses, but we'd like to see new businesses too."

NEXT is not currently asking for members to pay a fee to join the program. Anyone with interests in economics, entrepreneurship, and business are encouraged to join.