Downtown Street Signs Violate City Ordinance

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COLUMBIA - A group calling itself "Walk[CoMo]" has posted orange and white signs around downtown, despite the fact group leaders know the signs violate city ordinances. The signs give walking time estimates to different locations downtown. 

One sign outside Campus Bar and Grill reads, "It's a 7 minute walk to Courthouse Plaza." In addition to the times, the signs also feature a QR code that links to the group's Facebook page. 

In a Facebook message to KOMU 8 News, the group said the signs are unsanctioned but the idea is to get the signs hung up and to get people talking about walkability before the signs get taken down. 

The group said its thought is that this may eventually lead to permanent signs being installed. 

Phil Teeple, the city's building regulation supervisor, said prior to calls from KOMU 8 News, he did not know about the signs. Since then he said he has reached out to the group via Facebook to let the group know the signs are in violation of city ordinance section 23-2 subsection B. 

"No one except for public officials are allowed to post a sign in the right of way," Teeple said. 

Teeple contacted the group via Facebook message and said if he does not hear from the group in a timely manner, the city will take down the signs. 

For more information about the city ordinance you can visit: