Dozens Become Sick During Coroner\'s Conference

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JEFFERSON CITY - A couple dozen people have come down with a mysterious illness after attending a conference at the Truman Hotel. The Missouri Coroner's and Medical Examiners Association conference began Tuesday. On Wednesday members of the Association began reporting feeling sick. There was an immediate onset of symptoms which included coughing, fever, chest pain, and muscle ache.

On Thursday, 27 people were sick, including 5 were hospitalized. The current president of the MCMEA was even admitted.

"It's very scary only because we have no idea the cause. Right now 20-25% of our members are sick. We hope the health department can figure out the cause quickly," said former MCMEA President Roger Mauzy.

Mauzy said he and another coroner compiled a list of foods members ate, and the location of each members room, but were unable to find a common link between those that became ill.

Mauzy also said that he provided the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services with this information and the department is currently investigating the cause.

KOMU 8 News tried contacting the Department of Health and Senior Services but has yet to receive a response.

General Manager of the Truman Hotel Lisa Steiner said she is unsure of the cause of the sickness, but is eager to find out.