Dr. Jill Biden visits Columbia before Missouri voters head to the polls

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COLUMBIA - Dr. Jill Biden, former second lady of the United States, visited Columbia for a meet and greet event with Joe Biden supporters on Monday. 

Jill Biden, who is married to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, visited Columbia one day before Missouri voters will make their decision on the party's nominee. 

Dalton Crawford initially supported Senator Elizabeth Warren for the Democratic nomination. However, since she suspended her campaign last week, Crawford said he is now supporting Joe Biden.

"He's not as progressive as I would like," he said. "But I know he can get done what needs to get done."

Jill Biden spoke about her and her husband's work with the Obama administration and beating current President Donald Trump in the presidential election.

Organizers said more than 200 people attended the Get Out the Vote event to hear Jill Biden speak, even though her husband was campaigning in Michigan.

"I think the message was about belonging," Keith Poliette said. "We've been torn apart the past several years.

Jill Biden is made four stops across the state, including a stop in Columbia. Biden also met with former Missouri Secretary of State and U.S. Senate candidate Jason Kander. The two toured Veterans Community Project in Kansas City.

Columbia was added as a stop on her statewide tour across the state on Sunday afternoon.