Drew Lock to be the third in his family to play for the Tigers

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COLUMBIA - The saying "like father, like son," holds true for many. That saying takes an extra special meaning when talking about the Lock family from Holt's Summit.

Drew Lock, an ESPN-rated four-star quarterback from Lee's Summit High School, will follow his grandfather and father in playing football for the University of Missouri.

Drew's excitement for an opportunity to continue the family legacy of playing football for the Missouri Tigers is clear, but he also joked about being glad some things have changed since his father suited up for MU.

"I'm glad that the helmets have evolved from that one," Drew said. "But, no, it definitely means a lot to me to be able to say that I'll be able to play for the team that my dad played for and to walk on the field and my dad walked on it too, which is, you can't get that in very many places and not other many people get to experience that."

While Drew had been verbally committed to Missouri for a while, he made it official signing his letter of intent on National Signing Day. His father, Andy could not hide his pride.

Andy was an offensive lineman for the Tigers from 1986-1989.

Drew's announcement ceremony was made even sweeter thanks to a special addition from his mom.

"It kind of put it into perspective for me today, when I sat on the stage with Drew and it started happening and I look down and my wife brought my helmet and sat it on the table in front of us today and I didn't know she was going to do it," Andy said. "And you know, I think about it occasionally, but that kind of put it into perspective for me that it's really come full circle which is just absolutely priceless to a father. It means the world to me."

Drew said he'll forever remember the moment he signed his letter of intent.

"It was a blast today, going to the office this morning, 7:33 exactly was the time I signed it. I'm sure I'll remember that for the rest of my life, and that was, just a big deal sitting there, it was kind of, I was a little shaky, to be honest," he said. "Just to finally call it done and be a Missouri Tiger. It's kind of cool to say."

Drew said it was important to him to pick a school he would feel comfortable.

"You know, that was going to be home and then to go on my official visit, being in the town, it didn't seem like it was an official visit to where I'm like 'wow, this is like my first time here'. I just want to get my boundaries on the town, it just felt like I was driving around Lee's Summit again." he said. "It was a cool deal and I'm excited to spend my time at a place like that."

His dad said their family could not be happier with Drew's selection, especially since it will allow them to continue attending his games, given that he plays about a two-hour drive from home.

"Obviously we're pretty supportive, so we'll be there, and his mom kind of jumped into that whole deal, man. It's important for her. Probably in the middle of junior year, we started talking about all the other schools that were in play," Andy said. "You know, the Tennessees and Texas and the Oklahomas and the Ohio States and the proximity to home, as well as being a class organization and a great conference. It was a no-brainer. So yeah, the proximity to home is important, as well."

Andy also said Coach Gary Pinkel signing an extension through 2020 comforts him, hoping the team should remain stable through Drew's tenure. He said the Tigers' recent reaching the SEC Championship game two years in a row was also a plus.

"Success is important. So, sure you value it. Yeah, I value it," he said. "I want him to go to a winning program because when I was there, we were typically about a .500 team or a little less and I never got to go to a bowl game and that's one thing that I want him to experience that I didn't get to experience and I feel really good about the possibility of that happening moving forward, hopefully multiple times."

Drew echoed his father's sentiments.

"Knowing that I can perform and may get to perform in the SEC with the two out of three time SEC East Championship team," he said. "But, to also be able to have the people that I want there, at the games to support me and in a physical state, like actually in the stadium I don't really know how much you could ask for more."

With the team's recent success and Drew's status as a four-star recruit, according to ESPN, the expectations are high for the Lee's Summit High School product, and he knows it.

"I'm really looking forward to actually going down there and putting the words that people have wrote about me into action in Columbia," Drew said. "You know, I want to go in there and prove that I'm the guy that people say I am and I truly believe that I will go in there and do that."

And Drew cannot wait to get started.

"I might actually be going down to their junior day just to visit. I might even go see my aunt and uncle whenever, you know, it's just kind of an easy deal for me. It's just like I've said this whole time, it's just comfortable."

His father also has something he cannot wait to do.

"I remember how special the first time that I ran out in front of the crowd at Faurot Field was. There's no substitute. You can't explain it," Andy said. "You know, it's so special, so for him to get to experience that and be a big part of that team and eventually see the field, whenever that is, it's going to be very, very special and I can't wait to talk to him after that happens and say 'hey, how'd you feel man? Was it as cool as I'd told you it'd be?'"

Time will eventually give both of them answers. But for now, they'll just have to wait and enjoy the moments as they come.