Drive At Your Own Risk: WW and Other Bad Roads

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COLUMBIA - Route WW is a road often in the headlines. Missouri State Highway Patrol statistics indicate Route WW had the second highest number of accidents of all the major routes in Boone County. Route B scored first. Missouri Statewide Traffic Accident Records for 2011 show last year Route WW had more 42 accidents, with one fatality and more than 30 people injured. Figures for 2012 show Route WW has had 6 accidents with 5 people injured and no fatalities so far.

MoDOT Central District engineer, Mike Schupp, said accidents are unfortunate but common for a road like WW.

"It's a heavily travelled 2 length road way, that's carrying about 9000 cars a day, an extremely high amount of traffic that doesn't have shoulders all the way through it," said Schupp.

Missouri State Highway Patrol Sargeant Kyle Green said there is a higher chance of accidents on WW because there are more people living in the neighbourhoods close to Columbia, therefore more people using the road.

But drivers said they are concerned about the route. "WW is a mess. It's just so much traffic, it needs to be expanded, things need to be done, traffic lights put in...," said driver Brian Gibson.

Driver Mike Miller said the interchange going from Broadway onto I-70 can sometimes be confusing to motorists.

"Many times, I've been cut off by people that realize in the last minute they are on the wrong lane, wanting to change onto 70," said Miller.

Engineer Schupp said Route WW is already on the priority list for upcoming improvements, but MODOT doesn't have the funding yet.

"Our construction dollars have gone down tremendously over the last few years. We are going to have a budget of $700 mln this year, whereas we had an average of $1.2 billion," said Schupp.

Schupp mentioned hopefully by 2014 MODOT will add at least two miles of shoulders on the way to Fulton.

To check the crash activity by specific area, you can go to the online crash mapping application by clicking here.