Driver Leaves Road

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COLUMBIA - A driver fell asleep at the wheel and crashed car nearly 350 feet into the woods Monday morning.  The driver was not hurt and a team of tow trucks worked to extract the car from the woods.

The driver, Laura Riseau, went off the road around 9:30 am while she was driving along Old 63 South.  Riseau said she woke up as other drivers rushed to the scene to check if she was okay.  Police said Riseau had difficulty getting out of the car because of the angle of the car.  Riseau said her Nissan Sentra suffered major damage.

The injuries could have been worse if Riseau was awake, Police said.  She was relaxed because she was asleep and therefore, she was not trying to brace for impact.  She was also wearing her seat belt.

Riseau was driving back from St. Louis and was on her way to get her backpack before class.  She decided not to drive back to Columbia last night because her parents thought she was too tired.

The team of tow trucks were having difficulty extracting the car from the woods.  The car was deep into the woods and the varying levels of bedrock made it especially challenging.