Driver uninjured after semi-track crashes into front lawn

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COLUMBIA – Emergency crews spent most of Monday morning removing a semi-truck from a front yard after it veered off the road.

Around 9:30 a.m., a semi-truck veered off of West Broadway and ended up on its side near Thistledown Drive. Crews spent most of the morning working to remove the truck.

The truck was finally towed away just after 12:30 Monday afternoon.

Residents who lived nearby said the crash shook them. Mary Withrow watched it from her window.

“I just happened to look out right when it veered off into my yard,” Withrow said. “I was shaken up, but I ran outside to make sure he was okay.”

Columbia Police said the driver was okay and walked away from the crash without any injuries. After the crash, Withrow said drivers were stopping on the side of the road to help the truck driver.

“They were stopping everywhere and running towards the truck,” Winthrow said. “They were climbing on top of it to help him out of the cab.”

Like Winthrow, the truck driver was also shaken up after the crash. Winthrow invited him into her house while they waited for first responders to arrive.

“He was in shock,” Winthrow said. “I tried to talk with him and ask him about his family and try to get his mind off of it.”

Winthrow said she felt for the driver and was praying for him.

Police said it was not clear what caused the semi-truck to veer off the road.

For Winthrow, the scene Monday morning was a familiar one. It is not the first time Winthrow has had a vehicle end up in her front yard.

“Three cars have run into our yard,” Winthrow said. “They’ve barely missed hitting our cars.”

Given the history of crashes, Winthrow said she would like to see a curb installed to prevent more cars from drifting into her grass.