Drivers Call Gas Prices \"Too HIgh\" in Eldon

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ELDON - Gas prices in Eldon remain higher Monday than gas prices in Jefferson City and Columbia.

Gas prices in Eldon ranged from $3.89 to $3.95, but prices Sunday were close to $4.00. In Jefferson City, gas prices were around $3.79.

Economics professors at the University of Missouri were not sure why prices were higher in Eldon, a smaller city, and lower in a bigger city like Jefferson City.

"The only power the consumer has is if the prices are too high, you just don't drive and you just don't buy gas and wait 'til it comes down," driver Jeff Koonce said.

Koonce said he thinks gas prices are high because of Memorial Day weekend.

Eldon does not have the highest prices in mid-Missouri. Gas in Sedalia is more than $4.00.

The Lundenberg Survey of Fuel explains the average price in gas in the US is $3.66. The survey states Missouri's average is $3.77.