Drivers Crash Cars, Blame Snow

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COLUMBIA - Towing companies are out in full force today after less than an inch of snow caused what one Columbia Police officer claims is the most accidents he's seen in 8 years. 

"It was one of the busiest days I've ever seen in 8 years as far as accidents, pending accidents," Columbia Police officer Gamal Castile said.

Slate Towing started work around 4 a.m Tuesday, about 4 hours than usual, trying to keep up with the number of wrecks. Slate Towing owner Kiffer Slate said by noon he'd already towed nearly 15 cars. He said Slate only received three calls yesterday, which he considered a normal day.

Several other tow companies like Tiger, Economy, and Carl's Towing are also dragging cars from ditches. Even with the extra help, traffic has been backed up on many roads while cars are being removed. Despite Mid-Missouri getting less than an inch of snow, Slate blamed the wrecks on drivers simply forgetting how to drive in icy conditions. He said this seems to happen every year on the first snowfall.

Slate said another problem is that many drivers simply don't switch lanes when a tow truck is behind them, which he said is required by law.