Drivers Hesitant About New Interchange

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COLUMBIA - Some drivers are hesitant about the new diverging diamond interchange opening Monday morning to traffic.

MoDOT says the interchange will open earlier than expected, just after midnight Monday.  

Many drivers KOMU 8 talked to have never heard of the interchange before and were concerned with how drivers will learn the correct way to commute on the new interchange. Others who have driven on a diverging diamond interchange before think once drivers learn, traffic flow will improve.

"They work quite nicely if you pay attention to what you are doing," Neal Edgar wrote on KOMU 8's Facebook page. "Springfield's have been a great improvement."

The interchange is the first of its kind in Mid-Missouri and is part of MoDOT's Route 740 Widening & I-70 Interchange Improvements. This includes the new diverging diamond interchange and the widening of Bernadette Drive and Stadium Drive. The construction of the projects costs around $12.8 million and is being funded by MoDOT, the City of Columbia and three transportation development districts.

Although the diverging diamond interchange will be open Monday morning, the rest of the construction isn't expected to be completed until winter 2014.

Click here for more information on the project or how to drive on the new diverging diamond interchange.