Drivers Indicate Clark Lane Needs Improvements

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Area Transportation Study Organization (CATSO) members, city council members and MoDOT officials held a meeting Thursday afternoon to talk about transportation plans.

They talked about a list of projects, including improving roads around Columbia.

City Manager Mike Matthes said it takes a tremendous amount of coordination between the federal state and local levels.

"We want to try to plan based on the best information we have and a bunch of trend data. Where are we gonna need to put roads, where are we gonna need to put sidewalks, trails, and we move 40 years into the future," Matthes said.

Director of Public Works John Glascock said improving Clark Ln. has come up at three recent city council meetings.

"So we need to make sure that's on our first priority list," Glascock said.

One driver told KOMU 8 News he thought the road is a mess.

Another driver, Ben Hightower said he drives along Clark Ln. once a week and he notices minor issues with the road.

"I don't know how well-maintained they've been but they seem a little older. I know when you get up to the turn lane just up there, it starts to look like there's some pretty big cracks dividing up the lanes," Hightower said. "It's nothing that I've thought I'm gonna call and complain about, but it's definitely something I think should be fixed," Hightower said.  

MoDOT officials and city council members are planning to work on the section from Highway 63 to the Ballenger Ln. traffic circle. 

Matthes said people should care because it affects their lives.

"We all drive on those roads, or we use those trails or the sidewalks. The Clark Ln. sidewalk is a great example of something we really need and CATSO is working on making that happen."

The project includes stormwater infrastructure improvements, new bike lanes, and sidewalks. Glascock said construction will begin sometime next year.