Drivers surprised by the snow

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Public Works says it's ready for a snowy winter.

Even with the early snowfall, the department said it is not concerned about running low on supplies, including salt.

"5,000 tons always gets us through the winter,” said department spokesperson Barry Dalton. “Usually the last couple of winters, we used about half of that.”

Public Works had another delivery of salt coming Monday, after two days of snow.

“It’s coming earlier than we thought,” Dalton said.  “We have about 2500 tons of salt in our salt dome and we’re getting another two to three hundred tons today."

Eight plows are being used to clear roads in Columbia. Dalton said the department would add more if road conditions get worse.

KOMU 8 News talked to drivers who were surprised to see this amount of snow before Thanksgiving. 

"It's not even thanksgiving," said Denez Braford. "I ain't seen no turkey, and it's freezing out here."

One MU student said he moved to Columbia to escape the snow - only to find it here. 

"I'm from Minnesota so it's really cold up there," said Jackson Randle. "I kind of got out of Minnesota to not deal with this." 

This is the second snowfall before some plow drivers could practice their designated snow route.

“Giving our plow drivers the opportunity to practice their designated snow routes prior to a major winter weather event helps improve safety and efficiency,” Street Superintendent Sam Thomas said. 

Public works said there haven't been any consequences because of the delay.

“The dry snow run is really more of a reminder of safety and safety techniques. There maybe a few new drivers who aren’t working today but after the dry snow run they’ll be up to speed,” Dalton said.

A dry run will take place in Columbia on Wednesday.

The department is thinking about moving its dry-run to earlier next year.

“We might have our dry run in September,” Dalton said,  "We’ll have to see.”