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JEFFERSON CITY - A new drug testing policy could be put into place for Jefferson City Public Schools.

Currently, there is a testing policy in place for students who are athletes and participate in other school activities. There is no policy implemented for kids who are not involved with school activities. 

Board of Education member Michael Couty doubles as a juvenile court administrator. He said there are kids who are sent to the office because of administrative concerns of drug use.

"I want our policy committee to take a look at a possibility of looking at an instant test that could determine if in fact they're under the influence or not," Couty said.

Students suspected to be under the influence are suspended and responsible for getting to a place that provides drug testing and paying for it. 

The committee is looking into on the spot drug testing for students under the influence during the school day.

Kimberly Baumann, drug testing consultant for D-Tap the Drug Test Awareness Program said having a drug testing policy in place is important.

"A lot of kids can get stuff easier, especially pills because not only do they take it from their friends, but also take it from family," Baumann said.

Several mid-Missouri schools have adopted a drug test policy.

Columbia Public Schools does not have a drug policy in place, but refers use or possession of drugs and alcohol to law enforcement.

In a statement from Columbia Public Relations Director Michelle Baumstark said:

"Tests are quite costly and not something a district our size could afford to do at this time. Parents always have the prerogative, should they feel necessary or helpful to do with their children, to have them tested."

Jefferson City Public Schools will discuss the issue at hand further, at a meeting in March.