Drug, prostitution ring suspect has lengthy criminal record

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BOONE COUNTY - Malcolm Desean Redmon was one of 27 people indicted for drug trafficking, prostitution conspiracies and illegal firearms. 

This is not the first time Redmon has run into trouble with the law. 

In August, KOMU 8 reported Redmon was indicted with intent to distribute cocaine, and using a phone for drug trafficking. 

Redmon was arrested on August 5 and pleaded not guilty related charges on October 7. 

Redmon was also accused of assault near the former Boone Tavern Restaurant in 2012. 

Court records indicate dozens of other charges over the years for crimes including drug offenses, traffic violations, and resisting officers. 

A grand jury indicted Redmon last week along with 26 other people for even more charges. 

Redmon was indicted for 19 counts including possession of crack cocaine with the intent to distribute, use of a phone to distribute cocaine, conspiracy to use phones to promote an unlawful activity, and possession of illegal firearms. Authorities in a press conference said Redmon was the right-hand man to the ringleader of drug trafficking, Kenneth Scott, Jr. 

"Mr. Scott is the number one charged in the indictment ... I think Mr. Redmon is number two," said U.S. Attorney Tammy Dickinson. 

Redmon is accused of starting a separate prostitution business and training others to run the business and distribute cocaine. Redmon is also accused of giving Courtnie Lea Goins a room to work out of as a prostitute and supplying her with protection and drugs. 

KOMU 8 tried to talk to neighbors about Redmon and the arrests, but people were worried about their safety and not willing to go on camera. 

Some neighbors in another neighborhood involved in the raid said people are leaving the neighborhood due to the large amount of police presence with these charges. 

U.S. Attorney Tammy Dickinson said the indictment was a major take-down of drug trafficking in mid-Missouri. 

"We will prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. Not only will they be removed from the street, but it will be a deterrent effect," Dickinson said.