Dry Conditions Limit MKT Mosquito Problems

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COLUMBIA- Columbia's Environmental Health Services has suspended mosquito spraying on the MKT Trail this season because of a problem with with its equipment, but people using the trail say they've hardly noticed. Mid-Missouri's dry conditions might be helping the situation.

Mosquitos are typically found around standing water. However, dry conditions seem to be limiting where the bugs breed. The mosquitos don't seem to be a problem for trail walkers.

"It might be because it's so hot that I'm not noticing the bugs. But it's been alright, not bothersome at all," MKT Trail walker Jessica Brown said.

Others users, like Cathy Brown, take further precautions from the bugs.

"I pretty much don't have any problems with bugs by spraying myself," Brown said.

A post on the Environmental Health Services website said it hopes to have the equipment repaired by Friday.