Dryer Net

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Mary Anne Pryor's family does laundry almost every day. Pryor started using a simple attachment to make drying her clothes more efficient. For $33, the Dryer Net makes a dryer do more than just laundry.
"It was the green aspect that I really liked. We're recycling the heat," said Pryor.

Traditionally, a dryer vent would be connected to the back of the machine. The steam from the dryer would flow up the tube and go outside. But with the dryer net, the steam flows out the tube and out of the filter to heat your house.
The idea all began with oen Missouri inventor and his wife.

"We would see steam coming out of people's houses. We decided that'd be a good way...if we could come up with something to save that energy and not just let it go outside," said Jim Atkinson.

Atkinson says in seven months, 250 people around the country have bought a Dryer Net.
Dryers can heat up to 140 degrees, making use of that heat means there's not as big of a need for a furnance, one of the biggest money drains in a home.

"We try not to use the furnance any more than we have to," said Pryor.

The clothes dry faster, which cuts down on the monthly electric bill.

"The dryer becomes more efficient, air comes out of it faster, and moisture comes out of the clothes faster," said Atkinson.

Atkinson says the gadget pays for itself in 30 days. He says an average home will save $20-$30 every month.