Dueling light display getting bigger

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COLUMBIA - A dueling light display cropped up across from Precious Hearts Learning Center at a Duplex during the last few years.

The daycare's director, Stacy Gerau, said the neighbor's light display was not a competition but a collaboration.

"The neighbor across the street moved in a few years ago, and when he seen our lights he came over and talked to my husband and my three boys that were working at the time," Gerau said. "He really loved Christmas lights and knew that we were a daycare and knew how fun it was that the kids were here."

She said each year the collaboration gets bigger and brighter.

The original idea for the display came from a shared love of Christmas lights between she and her husband.

"My husband and I have been married for 29 years and my family always decorated big in Harrisburg and his family always decorated big in Columbia," Gerau said. "So when you put the two of us together, voila. This is what you get."

She recommends for people who want to enjoy the lights, the best location is across Ballenger Lane on Oakview Drive. The light display will be up until Jan. 7, 2016.