Duval and Reid

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MOBERLY - The owner of one of the city's oldest retail businesses said Monday the key to economic success in through times is customer service. Duval and Reid, a menswear store in downtown Moberly, is celebrating its 83rd anniversary during the month of September. Bill Reid Jr. now owns the store, which was purchased by his grandfather in 1928. 

Reid said the secret to keeping the business alive is the customers.  "You know a good portion of customers personally, call them by name, have things in common, maybe know other family members, their children, that type of thing," Reid said. 

David Gaines, vice president of the Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation, said employment in Moberly is a bit higher than the national average. "That's a good thing for employers who are looking to add staff. They can find competant, quality individuals out now in the job market," Gaines said. 

Moberly's labor rates are also dipping below the national and state averages--another plus for businesses looking to hire in the heart of the nation. "Not only can you get good employees with good skills at a below market, affordable rate, but you can also distribute that product at either the east coast or the west coast as needed, making it a great place to be," Gaines said.

Duval and Reid is holding a store sale this month to commemorate the anniversary.  "It's a reasonable cost of living in Moberly. It proves over time that businesses can work here and they can thrive," Reid said.  He also said he and his father will continue to work at the store every day and hope to continue old traditions as well as molding to the modern.