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CALIFORNIA - After two votes passed in the Moniteau County elections, the county will have its own public library, emphasis on public.

Previously, a privately funded library had existed in California.

Two years ago, the original district dissolved. With that, went all the funding. Earlier in the year, the library was forced to close its doors, leaving residents in the area without.

On Tuesday, residents voted to create a library district and a tax to fund it. Both passed by wide margins. 

Not only will California have its library back, it will now have the backing of the entire county.

Laura Burger, who chaired a committee that pushed for a yes vote, said she's grateful.

"We are so thankful to the voters who voted yes, who have used the library and supported the library, and knew how important it was for library services to continue," she said.

Connie Gerling, the director for the California library, said the last two years have been difficult.

"Frustrating would probably be the first term I would use," she said.

Gerling said the situation became real for Moniteau County residents when the library closed its doors in March.

"It was a huge wake-up call," she said.

The Moniteau County library will use the same space as California's original library. The library will eventually be able to expand its hours.

Burger said this is good for the community. 

"The greatest thing is now we are able to take this out into the community. There were so many families being underserved and seniors being underserved for library services, but now, everybody will be served," she said.