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FULTON - Students from Fulton High School want to help replace toys stolen from Toys for Tots.

Thieves broke into a storage unit and stole twelve boxes of toys, according to Fulton police.

Tucker Caswell was driving into school when he heard the news, and said he couldn't believe it. 

"It shocked me as I was hearing it. Who would do that? It really hit me deep. I know there's people out there suffering and need help, especially around the holidays," he said.

Caswell, a senior and president of the school's National Honor Society, began asking his fellow leaders what they could do to help.

The students quickly came up with a plan.

"Our first idea was to have a class competition between grades," said Grace Riley, a Fulton senior and honor society vice president. 

The group of students presented the idea to their assistant principal, Ryan Waters.

"I was all in as soon as I heard her proposal, wondering how I could contribute to the cause," Waters said.

He said when he heard the news about the robbery, he felt a mix of emotions. 

"When you hear something that somebody has hurt a cause that helps other people, first you're in shock, and then you're in disbelief, and then you get a little angry, and then you get motivated on how can I jump in and contribute?" he said. 

The group from Fulton High School is now contacting every school in the district, as well as local businesses to engage in a community-wide toy donation from November 6 to December 14. 

"I hope we can at least replenish, if not double or triple what was stolen," Caswell said.

Waters said it's been great to watch his students put the event together.

"Words can't even describe it," he said. "It's so humbling to be in a district where our kids are so passionate about our community members and helping others. Being in that type of environment makes you motivated to push and help them succeed."