E-Books Do Not Phase Local Bookstores

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COLUMBIA - Amazon is set to release its newest e-reader, the Kindle Fire, but one Columbia bookstore doesn't feel threatened.

Village Books on Paris Road does not think that the new e-reader will hurt sales of good old fashioned bound books. 

Co-owner of Village Books, Doug Wilson, feels that although e-readers are seeming like the future, the store will still see its regular crew of visitors. 

Wilson said that his grandchildren have e-readers and that it is a nice concept, but there is something about the tangible item of a book that people still enjoy. 

Co-Owner of Village Books Becky Asher feels the same way. 

She said that in her seven years of working there, there has yet to be an effect from e-readers.

Asher said that the store itself transforms into a bit of a social club and people not only come in for the reading, but also to talk about their lives and spend time with people they either know or have met throughout shopping through the store itself. 

Other residents and people around Columbia share mixed feelings about whether they prefer an e-reader or an actual book. 

The Daniel Boone Regional Library has an e-book lending system that started only with 700 e-books on its database and is now up to around sixteen hundred e-books available.