E-mail Will be Used to Report Thefts for Sale Barns

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BOONVILLE - The Livestock and Farm Protection Task Force is using a new tactic to prevent the sale of stolen livestock, email alerts. Livestock theft makes up 10% of rural crime in Missouri according to the Missouri Highway State Patrol. Full grown cows can sell anywhere between $800 to $1,000. This task force is specifically designed to cut down on these livestock thefts.

Whenever livestock is stolen and reported to the Missouri State Highway Patrol the task force sends out email alerts to all the proper authorities in Missouri including local sale barns. The email alerts include detailed descriptions of the livestock or the trailer that was stolen.

The Missouri task force is also working on a website where victims can file a report. That website will also be available for sale barns to view the stolen livestock. Sergeant Jason Clark of the Missouri State Highway Patrol said the website will be up and running sometime this year.