E-Waste collections down

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COLUMBIA - Mid Mo Recycling is one of only two electronic recycling centers in Boone County. The center has been open since 2001. President, Stan Fredrick, says the center accepts everything with a cord or battery. 

"We're shipping off, typically, a semi-truck full of items. So, we're receiving in about a week's time - a week to ten days - about 25 to 30 thousand pounds," Fredrick said. 

The electronic items collected are sorted through. The items eligible for resale are kept and the other items are shipped off to various locations to be disposed of in environmentally-friendly ways. 

Waste Minimization Supervisor Layli Terrill said that the city does not have space to collect the electronics, so places like Mid Mo Recycling are good ways to keep the environment safer.

"Currently, the city would not have a place to recycle these electronics, but we understand the importance of keeping them out of the landfill," Terrill said.  

The center holds e-waste collection events 3 to 4 times a year in the Home Depot parking lot in Columbia. 

"The main reason behind recycling the e-waste is that e-waste has a lot of heavy metals in it. Those things should not go into the landfill, so we're trying to have a cooperative effort with Mid Mo Recycling to keep these items out of our landfill," Terrill said.

The most recent event held in late January received over 25,000 pounds of e-waste, but that number is much lower than the 70,000 pounds the events usually collect. 

Terrill said the weather is a major factor in whether the events are successful. The weather did not play a factor in the last event.

The next event is to be held around May. A date has not yet been set.