E-Waste Not, Mid-Missouri

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COLUMBIA - Holiday shopping season is well underway and for many that means welcoming the newest technology crazes into their lives. That leaves many kitchen and bedroom drawers full of leftovers of the technological variety.

While the easy thing to do may be to toss old smart phones in a sock drawer and old computers in a basement corner, there are ways to recycle those old items.

Mid- Mo recycling, at 6104 Brown School rd is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

As a Level one recycling center Mid-Mo recycling, "agreed to recycle as much of their demanufactured electronic material as possible. The department has conduct an Environmental Assistance Visit at the facility," said the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Web site.

Another option E-Waste option is to send in old electronics to Alternative Community Training, or ACT.

ACT employs individuals who have developmental disabilities to assist with processing donations.

Old cell phones can be dropped off at any AT&T retail location, regardless of manufacturer or service provider to the phone.