East Campus lighting

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UPDATE: The City Council approved the street light improvements.


COLUMBIA - A committee is looking to make a few neighborhoods brighter when it comes to street lights.

The Street Lighting Committee recommended the city add one street light along Cass Drive between Rice Road and Mohawk Avenue, install two street lights along West Broadway Street near Reedsport Ridge and upgrade the 36 existing street lights in the East Campus neighborhood. 

Upgrading the lights in East Campus will cost an estimated $36,000 to replace. This is part of the city’s annual Capital Improvement Project. Funds have already been appropriated for the project.  

Residents in the East Campus neighborhood said the lights in their neighborhood definitely need an upgrade. 

Noah Chidoub, an MU student, hopes the council approves the requests to upgrade the existing lighting in the East Campus neighborhood, which is where he lives now. He said he’s glad the city has the funds to take on this project. 

“East campus can be kind of a shady neighborhood,” Chidoub said. 

Chidoub said the lights don’t reach very far, leaving dark areas in between each light pole. 

“These lights are pretty weak, especially down University Avenue,” Chidoub said. “They are pretty much useless in some spots, so an upgrade is definitely needed.”

A MU graduate student also agrees. Nipjyoti Bharadwaj said there is great need for more light in the neighborhood. 

“Especially at night,” Bharadwaj said. “This street is basically empty. I think there is a need for brighter light.” 

Chidoub said he’s not “too worried about crime” in the area.  

“I think for people who would be more worried about walking at night, it would be a huge improvement,” Chidoub said. “A lot of students live on East Campus and they have to walk through a majority of frat row to get to where they need to be, so people who have to walk, especially at night, I think it will definitely help them.”