East Campus Parkers Voice Concerns

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COLUMBIA - Columbia city staff held a meeting Wednesday night to discuss concerns about proposed changes to east campus parking.

East Campus Housing Association gave the city council a proposal that would require students to purchase a $50 parking pass to park in the area. Other possibilities, such as metered parking, have been suggested as well. There is no concrete plan yet.

City staff presented materials as to possible solutions and answered questions from interested parties.

Adam Chen parks in east campus and walks over to work at the veterinarian school. He said it doesn't make sense that students should have to pay to park at the location.

"It just doesn't make sense that I'm going to have to pay another parking permit pass to park in east campus," Chen said. "Where am I supposed to park? Is there any free parking in Columbia anymore?"

To talk with someone about the Residential Parking by Permit Only (RPPO) program, contact Columbia Public Works at 573-874-7250 or by email at PubW@GoColumbiaMo.com.