East neighborhood association hopes to improve community

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COLUMBIA - The East Neighborhood Association will hold a meeting Thursday evening to discuss safety and the improvement of the area for children.

One of the items on the agenda is the creation of sidewalks on certain streets. The association wants residents to work together to create a plan for the sidewalks and then present that plan to the city.  The streets marked for the project are Ballenger Lane, Quail Road, Waterloo Road and Rice Road.

Because of the high number of children in the area, residents believe sidewalks will help keep kids safe.

"Sidewalks would be beneficial, where the kids don't have to stand out on the edge of the road. It's dangerous," Kelly Camp said.

Camp's granddaughter thinks the sidewalks would be a great addition to their neighborhood.

"I think sidewalks would be good so we can ride our bikes safely," Makayla Henderson said.

Camp said speeding is a common problem in her community, even though some streets have speed bumps.

"The speed bumps don't help. It's a lot of kids on this block and they don't abide by the speed limit. Just because they put up the speed bumps doesn't stop the speeding cars," Camp said.

The association will also discuss ways it can get the youth more involved. It hopes to tackle this through the creation of more outdoor sports and activities, partnering with local churches and having small block parties.

The meeting will be held at Charity Baptist Church on Thursday at 6 p.m.