East Neighborhood Meeting

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COLUMBIA - The City of Columbia will hold a meeting on East Neighborhood to hear from residents about their concerns.

The meeting is part of the 2016-2019 Strategic Plan released by the city council last year. The plan was created to target five priority areas to improve quality of living in Columbia: social equity, economy, public safety, infrastructure and operational excellence.

The information collected from the meeting will help city authorities determine how to best address any  neighborhood issues.

The meeting will take place on Thursday from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at Hanover Estates Community Room at 1601 Hanover Blvd. Discussions will be led by strategic plan partners Carolyn Sullivan, Elisa Glick, Jessica Macy and Nikki McGruder. 

East Neighborhood residents are invited to share a meal first, between 5:30 and 6 p.m.

COMO Connect will offer free rides before and after the meeting from bus stops in East Neighborhood, and child care will be provided during the meeting.

The 2016-2019 Strategic Plan is in its second edition.

"I think this strategic plan is different, because it really is more about engaging people and trying to get citizens involved, employees more involved, and really try to make some improvements," said Human Resources Director Margrace Buckler, in a video on the city's website.

During a news conference last year, City Manager Mike Matthes said the plan is needed to improve Columbia's community.

"This strategic plan moves away from the whirlwind of daily operations, addresses what we aspire to accomplish as a growing community and offers tactics on how to achieve success for all citizens. And we will do so through five main areas of concentration: jobs, equity, public safety, infrastructure and a high performance workforce," he said.

A follow-up meeting will be held on July 11.